Alternative Service 

Sunday Service at Home - Information from Reverend Martin Warren.

Our weekly Service by Phone. This is aimed at those who do not have internet access ( or for whom the thought of reaching a website is just too much. I know the feeling at times!) By definition - because you are seeing this - this is not you. But it also means that those for whom it is meant won't easily get this information. So please can I ask of you, as a matter of importance, think of those who would appreciate such a service. If you know they haven't got internet access, or you suspect they haven't, please ring them up and let them know the details. 

They will need to ring 0330-606-0403 to share in the service at 4pm on Sunday. They will then be asked for an access code which I can give you. Then they press #. Hopefully any landline contract includes free access to 03 numbers. If not the cost should be around 12p per minute from a landline. Thank you for passing on this number. Any problems let me know.

This is the service sheet that will be used so it can be printed off and given to anyone you know who would like to use it.

 Martin Warren