Invitation to Join Voices of Torridge Team

Dear All, 

I am sure many will have seen digital choirs over the last few weeks, we have already gone  one step further and successfully made a recording of a virtual congregation singing a hymn for a service in June.  We are planning the next for the service of Remembrance on 8th November. The hymn we have selected is Jerusalem, now all we need are the singers. 

If you sing in church, home or even the shower then you are the type of singer we need. We are not trying to put a choir together but a congregation singing together - so everybody could join in. 

The instructions are:

    1. Enjoy yourself - all tracks will be merged together into a single piece making this as close to congregational singing as possible 
    2. Practice singing along to the backing track, using the music and words attached.  You can sing soprano, alto, tenor, bass, or just sing the tune. You can even try singing the descant
    3. To record yourself, listen to the backing track with headphones on one device. On a second device, record yourself singing. This can be a video, sound recording, or MP3.It is important that it is only recording your voice and not the backing track. Don't worry what this sounds like - when all the tracks are joined together the combined sound will be tremendous.
    4. Please ensure there is silence in the background, and that you are not holding the device with which you are recording as this can create interference: set it close by on a table.
    5. Please send a photograph of yourself that can be used in a photomontage of all our participants.
    6. Please send audio clips in by the 12th July to give sufficient time for the editing of all the tracks together.
    7. Send your file by either method below.

      • email attachment to David HERE,
      • dropbox  - please contact David for the link.
      • googlemail

Please print a copy of the words for your use.  HERE (opens another window)                              

Track to sing along to:        

There is a short piano introduction and you start at singing at 0:12 with the trumpet. 


If you have any problems please do not hesitate to email or call me 07502 115303.

Many thanks

David French