Rev Dr Susannah Metz



15th May 1950 - 30th April 2022

Rest in Peace

Text from Rev Martin Warrens newsletter on Sunday 1st May 2022 - Reproduced with his permission.

"Today (Saturday) we have just heard that Susannah has died. In this last week, she has clearly being failing – but she has surprised us so often over the last year that we couldn’t assume anything. However we all knew the direction of travel and that more likely sooner, rather than later, we would not have her with us. We commend her into God’s merciful care and love.

We will all have treasured memories of Susannah. Many will be hilarious, be it in the Panto or at Quiz Night. Most of us never witnessed her milking, but we heard the stories. And then there was Lily! But there was of course the serious side too: her commitment to rural life, and farming life especially, her ability to be alongside people, the desire to see God’s Kingdom in this world. She has sought to be faithful to that responsibility Jesus gave to Peter: ‘feed my sheep’. (Though possibly Susannah would have preferred cows!) We have been blessed with her choosing to be one of us on this side of the Atlantic. Thank you Susannah.

Death at Eastertime somehow feels different to other times of the year. We are focussed on the new life that Jesus offers. We witness to the resurrection. We read the stories. Read the Gospel passage for this Sunday, and sense the risen Jesus meeting with us, caring for us, feeding us, being gentle with us.

And in that include Susannah’s family. We are so glad that her nieces, Elizabeth and Maria were able to be here and with Susannah just a little while ago. We pray for them and with them as we give thanks for Susannah.

Obviously  we will let you know as arrangements are made. For now we each take time to give thanks, remember and look to the risen Jesus, commending Susannah into his hands.

                                         Go forth from this world in peace, Susannah,
                                         and rest in the peace of Christ
                                         that you may rise in glory
                                         in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Please go to our Petrockstow Community Church website 

for further information, photos and details of her funeral arrangements.