A warm welcome from the nine churches collectively known as the Torridge Team Ministry, comprising the churches at Buckland Filleigh, Huish, Langtree, Merton, Newton St Petrock, Peters Marland, Petrockstowe, Shebbear and Sheepwash.

We are in the heart of rural North Devon's agricultural area surrounded by beautiful countryside where our local farmers work hard to produce our food and look after God's Gift of creation.

Please look through our pages to find out a little more about our beautiful old churches. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact the office HERE 

Latest Coronavirus Information

Sunday Online  - go to our Church On Line page to join in with this service.

Church by phone - Sundays at 4pm.                                                                                                                   You will need a telephone number and access code. Please be in touch with Revd Martin Warren in advance to obtain this. His Telephone number is: 01409 281424.

For the time being, our main Team worship service is online and can be accessed using the link above or from the menu. In addition to our main worship, we are beginning to meet together in our church buildings across the Team as outlined below.

Opening our Church buildings for worship.
We have held services in a couple of church buildings over the last two weeks.  We'll be learning week by week how it all goes and provide up to date information here. 

The schedule for August is:
2nd Aug         Peters Marland       11.00am
9th Aug          Sheepwash            11.00am
16th Aug        Merton                    11.00am
23rd Aug        Buckland Filleigh      6.30pm    Evening Prayer
30th Aug        Petrockstowe          11.00am

If the weather is reasonable, we might be able to have the service outside.

From 9th August these will be mandatory inside the church building. Clearly there are those for whom it is not advisory to wear face coverings. You will know if the exemptions apply to you. If we can be outside, this might make all of this a bit easier.

First post lockdown service Shebbear

Socially distanced worship at Shebbear on 19th July.

We are doing this very much on a Team-wide basis, so if you would like to part of a service gathered together in one place, please feel free to go to a church other than you own if that's where the service that week is. If lots come, we will face that problem when it happens! As you do come, please do be aware that the service will be different. There will be no singing, we will have to sit well apart. And Communion will be just with the bread/ wafer. But still we will be together, however many or few we will be - and God will be with us. 

Clearly not everybody will want to join in a service in one of our buildings - some very definitely still shouldn't at this time; others won't want to. 

Torridge Talk - Regular thoughts and reflections from across the team. Find in the menu or click HERE.

Children and Families - A few of our favourite things created during this time of limited social contact.

Support, care and prayer around the villages.

As you have particular needs, please be in touch using our contact page. As appropriate we will seek to put you in touch with someone who can help.

The readings (online service, July 19th and July 26th) reminded me of one of my favourite poems by R.S. Thomas. You can hear him reading it below.


The Bright Field

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